Looking for the perfect preschool?

You’ve found it! Countless studies have validated the many benefits children receive from a robust preschool program that properly prepares them for their educational and social years ahead. Smarty Pants is the preschool that does just that and is conveniently located for Utah residents of Roy, Hooper, West Haven, Ogden, Clinton, and Riverdale cities.

Classes currently available for enrollment: NONE. Because of family obligations, no classes are currently available. Sorry for the inconvenience! 

What makes Smarty Pants Preschool so special?


Because of parental obligations, the preschool is currently on hiatus.

# 1 - A highly qualified teacher:
Jaclyn Wintle is a wife, a mother of two, and a former Kindergarten teacher. While pursuing her degree in Early Childhood Education, she taught and participated in the curriculum development for Weber State University’s preschool.

Jaclyn has her ESL endorsement and was trained in the SFA reading program.

Her love of children and education was the motivation for her to create and teach with Smarty Pants Preschool.

She is a trustee of The Wintle Foundation and volunteers regularly at her neighborhood elementary school.

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  # 2 - A comprehensive and engaging curriculum:
The objectives of Smarty Pants Preschool are to instill a love of learning and to build on the natural excitement and curiosity of children by helping them develop cognitive, social, emotional, and physical skills necessary for a successful school experience now and into the future.

Additionally, we know that parents are the most influential teachers and play a critical role in their child’s educational development. Smarty Pants Preschool facilitates this by providing regular progress reports, valuable insights, and an open invitation for involvement both inside and outside of the class.

In aligning with the state educational curriculum, the areas below detail where appropriate exposure or mastery will be pursued.

1. Demonstrate a positive learning attitude.
2. Develop social skills and ethical responsibility.
3. Demonstrate responsible emotional behaviors.
4. Develop physical skills and personal hygiene.
5. Understand and use basic concepts and skills in
    language arts, mathematics and other content areas.
6. Communicate clearly in oral, artistic, and nonverbal

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  # 3 - Educational and Entertaining Programs, Visitors and Fieldtrips:
Throughout the school year, students will have the opportunity to take fieldtrips to important areas of our community. Additionally, we will have visitors from the community invited to the preschool to share their special message with the students.

During the year, students will work to put together two programs that will be presented to parents and guests to showcase all that they have learned.
  # 4 - Functional facilities:
The Smarty Pants Preschool facilities have been designed and setup to be an inviting and conducive environment for children and learning. The preschool is conveniently located near the borders of Roy, Hooper, and West Haven and is near Country View Elementary and Rocky Mountain Jr. High schools.

Additionally, utilizing a secure portion of this website, parents will have access to schedules, news, pictures, and actual classroom activities.

  # 5 - Great memories:
Included with enrollment, Smarty Pants Preschool provides your child their own Smarty Pants t-shirt and a "Yearbook" DVD at the end of the year that showcases their journey with their new friends.

During the school year, there will also be an opportunity for parents to purchase a class photo.

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